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Butadiene vinyl-pyridine rubber latex

VPL is vinylpyridine (α- vinyl pyridine or 5-ethyl -α- vinylpyridine), terpolymers of butadiene and styrene or vinyl pyridine (α- methyl-5- vinyl pyridine) and butadiene copolymers, which has said Ding pyridine latex (butadiene vinyl-pyridine rubber latex).

VPL manufacturing method similar to styrene-butadiene latex, vinyl pyridine instead of just part of styrene, polyethylene polymerization process is divided into hot and cold poly two categories. The general method of thermal polymerization, the polymerization temperature is 50 ℃; ratio of butadiene: styrene: 2-vinyl pyridine = 70: 15:15; the introduction of latex pyridyl group, an increase of polarity, which can greatly improve the fiber (especially rayon, polyamide, polyester, etc.) and rubber direct binding capacity.

When using the general mixed with small amounts of styrene-butadiene latex, with resorcinol - formaldehyde solution mixed dubbed some of the immersion liquid than the column referred to RFL.

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